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1999 Awards Banquet
Head Coach Jeff Wismer,Chianne Leuz,Sarah Booth,Erin Cavanaugh,Assistant Coach Shane Burley
Front Row
Lindsey Prall,Cathy Fetter,Mandy Greenstein,Ruth Young
2000 Varsity Team
Michele Durning,Meghan Sarao,Krista Eiser,Carolyn Stockwell,Sarah Rickards,Head Coach Jeff Wismer
Front Row
Erin Cavanaugh,Missy Ludwig,Mandy Greenstein,Robin Niles,Lauren Arnold,Andrea Radice
2000 JV Team
Donna Radice, Lindsey Riesenberger, Maureen Skorupa, Jill Brosius, Kate McMurdo, Tori Lieb, Andrea Armstrong
Front Row
Nicole Kushman, Meghan Sarao, Nicole Rowe, Michele Durning, Kirby Smarsh, Jen Quigley, Head Coach Shanna Miller
Mandy going Low - Right Coach?
I Think Maureen is Lost
Who's got it - You got it??
Lauren Smashing the ball
Krista - Where did it go??
Cav - Licking her lips waiting for the overpass.
Mandy's great serving form.
What are they going to do??
What should we do??
Whoops I missed the ball.
This is how you hit a ball.
Which ball should I hit??
I think I can...I think I can...I think I can....