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2006 CB West Boy's Volleyball Team Preview

This should be a very interesting year, with all the returning players playing a different role.

The returning Middles Kevin Eiser and Steve Hopkins are now playing Outside.

Mike Ziegler will move from Defense to Setter.

Eric Nguyen will be the Libero, instead of Defensive Specialist.

New to the varsity Is Sam Bolstein and Kyle Smith as Opposites, Matt Baum, Colin Parker and Dan Henderson will play Middle.  Alex Smith will see plenty of time as Libero.

Erica Silverman is starting her second year. With the new players having a year of experience she will be trying to mesh the players into a cohesive competitive unit.

Rick Ziegler will coach the JV team. He will have the job of developing all the new talent into a working team.  Most of the JV are returning players so time can be spent adding skills to this team.

Larry Palazzolo will be an assistant coach. His past experience should be a help.

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