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2005 CB West Boy's Volleyball Team Preview

CB West Boy's Volleyball will feel the loss of players that went to CB South. The 2 returning varsity players are Andrew Huynh and Phil Saxby. Andrew will be a steadying force at Setter, and Phil can play any position needed.

The remaining JV Players from last year Kevin Eiser, Steve Hopkins, Leo Keller and Anthony Weideman will be filling most of the hitter roles. Kevin and Steve will be expected to fill the Middle, and Leo and Anthony will do the Outside Hitting.

Also playing at the Varsity level will be Mike Ziegler as Defensive Specialist, and Kyle Smith to help at Outside and Opposite.

The team has a brand new Coaching staff this year. This coaching staff will have its hands full bringing the new players up to speed. The quicker they can coach the necessary skills to the new players, the quicker they will become competetive.

Erica Silverman will coach the varsity team. Her enthusiasm should prove an asset to motivate the team.

JJ Sands will coach the JV team. He will have the job of developing all the new talent into a working team.

Rick Ziegler will be an assistant coach. His past experience should be a major help.

The good news is that 16 new players have come out to play.

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