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2003 CB West Boy's Volleyball Team Preview

The 2003 CB West Boy's Volleyball Team is mostly intact from last season and they are expecting BIG things for the coming season.   Most of the returning players have played in the Club season over the Winter and had some nice success.    The team does work hard and should compete for the Conference championship this coming season.    

Head Coach:           Jeff Wismer.(Record 0-0)
Assistant Coach:     Zach Rowan
Assistant Coach:     Colleen Watts

Returning Players from last years squad include:
       Jared Fonash   Sr.
       John Platt         Sr.
       Jon Rose         Sr.
       Jon Williams     Sr.
       Jon Young        Sr.
       John Booth       Jr.

New players Joining the Varsity roster are:

      Pete Karasev       Sr.
      Dan Roman         Jr.
      Bill Stanert          Jr.
      Chris Wilson        Jr.
      Mike Rose           So.

The cog of this years team will be returning Hitters from last years team.(The 'J'- Team)     Jon Williams, Jarad Fonash, Jon Rose, and John Booth. will be counted on to put the ball down on the floor.    Last years Team finished with a very respectable 14-5 record and a playoff berth in the the District Playoffs.    

The setting this year will again be handled by Chris Wilson and Jon Young and after a year more of experience will be that much better.

The middle this year will be manned by Jarad Fonash, John Booth, and Bill Stanert.   The Middles are very experienced and should be a dominate force on the Net.

     The Outside hitters are Jon Williams, Pete Karsev, John Platt, Dan Roman, Jon Rose and Mike Rose. Some of these hitters will also be getting some action on the Weak side.

Jon Young and Mike Rose will be the back row substitues to plug up the holes this year as a Defensive specialists.

    With the experience these guys had in the Club season, this year's team is expecting a good season. They will be playing in yet another new conference arrangement this year. West hopes to compete with teams such as Pennridge, North Penn, and Pennsbury for the Conference Title.

The JV Roster is listed below:    

    Andrew Histand     So.
    Andrew Huynh      So.
    Leo Keller             So.
    Andrew Lein         So.
    Mike Rose            So.
    Phillip Saxby         So.
    Kevin Eiser            Fr.
    Dan Pearson          Fr.
    Mike Platt              Fr.
    Anthony Radice     Fr.

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