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CB West Boys Volleyball Honors & Awards

Year Player Award
2006Colin Parker2nd Team All League
2006Anthony WeidmanHonorable Mention All League
2006Colin ParkerCBW Most Valuable Player
2006Alex SmithCBW Most Improved
2006Steve HopkinsCBW Dedicated
2006Kevin EiserCBW Longest Tenure
2006Mike ZieglerCBW Most Versitle
2006Anthony WeidmanCBW JV Most Valuable Player
2006Riley DownCBW JV Most Dedicated Award

2005Andrew HuynhSuburban 1 All League
2005Andrew HuynhCBW Most Valuable Player
2005Kevin EiserCBW Most Dedicated Award
2005Mike ZieglerCBW Most Improved Player
2005Sam BolsteinCBW JV Most Valuable Player
2005Shane MossCBW JV Most Dedicated Award
2005Kyle SmithCBW JV Most Improved Player

2004Chris Wilson2nd Team District One
2004Bill Stanert3rd Team District One
2004Chris Wilson1st Team National Conference
2004John Booth2nd Team National Conference
2004Pete Karasev3rd Team National Conference
2004Chris WilsonCBW Most Valuable Player
2004Dan RomanCBW Coaches Award
2004Bill StanertCBW Most Improved Player
2004Phil SaxbyCBW JV Most Valuable Player
2004Kevin EiserCBW JV Most Improved Player

2003Jon Williams1st Team District One
2003Jarad Fonash2nd Team District One
2003Jon Rose3rd Team District One
2003Jarad Fonash1st Team National Conference
2003Jon Williams1st Team National Conference
2003Jon Rose2nd Team National Conference
2003John Booth3rd Team National Conference
2003Chris Wilson3rd Team National Conference
2003Jon WilliamsCBW Most Valuable Player
2003Andrew HuynhCBW Coaches Award
2003Jarad FonashCBW Most Improved Player
2003Mike RoseCBW JV Most Valuable Player

2002Jon Williams2nd Team District One
2002Frank Sharp3rd Team District One
2002Jon Williams1st Team National Conference
2002Frank Sharp1st Team National Conference
2002Jarad Fonash3rd Team National Conference
2002Frank SharpCBW Most Valuable Player
2002Jarad FonashCBW Most Improved Player
2002Matt DennisCBW Coaches Award
2002John BoothCBW JV Most Valuable Player
2002Chris WilsonCBW JV Most Improved Player

2001Dave Schmoyer3rd Team District One
2001Scott Terry3rd Team District One
2001Dave Schmoyer1st Team National Conference
2001Scott Terry2nd Team National Conference
2001Matt Wurtenberger3rd Team National Conference
2001Jon Williams3rd Team National Conference
2001Scott TerryCBW Most Valuable Player
2001Jon WilliamsCBW Most Improved Player
2001Frank SharpCBW Coaches Award
2001Stehan SzygielCBW JV Most Valuable Player
2001Matt DennisCBW JV Most Improved Player

2000Kenny Eiser2nd Team All State
2000Kenny Eiser1st Team District One
2000Dan Schmoyer2nd Team District One
2000Jason Jones3rd Team District One
2000Kenny Eiser1st Team National Conference
2000Dan Schmoyer2nd Team National Conference
2000Jason Jones3rd Team National Conference
2000Evan Chalk3rd Team National Conference
2000Kenny EiserCBW Most Valuable Player
2000Scott TerryCBW Most Improved Player
2000Scott TerryCBW Coaches Award
2000Evan ChalkCBW Four year Varsity Award
2000Jason JonesCBW Three year Varsity Award
2000Kenny EiserCBW Three year Varsity Award


Kenny Eiser

2nd Team District One
1999Kenny Eiser1st Team American Conference
1999Zach Rowand1st Team American Conference
1999Dan Schmoyer1st Team American Conference
1999Evan ChalkHonorable Mention American Conference
1999Kenny EiserThe Intelligencer/Record Rookie of the year
1999Kenny EiserCBW Most Valuable Player
1999Dan SchmoyerCBW Most Improved Player
1999Zach RowandCBW Coaches Award
1999Tim FrankCBW Three year Varsity Award
1998Kyle Chalk2nd Team All-State
1997Chad Leuz3rd Team All-State